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Nara Explorer is Nara's first and only English tourist magazine.

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Nara accommodation
Yamato Sightseeing Rental Cycle 
24-hout bicycle rental for just 500 YEN!!
<How to rent a bicycle:>
Come to the shop during the opening hours (8:00-20:00). *ID is required. Choose your favorite size and type of a bicycle (18, 22, 24, 26 inches; 700C cross bike, electric bicycle). *700C cross bike is 1,000 yen and electric bike is 1,200 yen for rental. Return the bicycle within 24 hours. If you return the bicycle after the shop is closed, leave it in the parking space using the unattended return system.
<What's special!:>
With the unattended return system, you can leave the bicycle anytime you want! With advance reservation, we can deliver bicycles to your accommodation or station upon request! (Additional delivery charge required)! Free rental service of child seats and helmets! Our bicycles have all been newly purchased within the past year!
<Shop Data>
#102 Nara Dai-ichi Bldg., 50 Nashihara-cho, Nara / Tel: 0742-54-1549 / Open: 8:00-20:00 Closed: Sun., national holidays (open everyday during tourist season)
Nara Walk 
(Central Nara/Walking tours)
Enrich your experience in Nara with a professional guide
Nara Walk is a group of certified national guide-interpreters based in the ancient capital of Nara. Experts in history and culture, their guides are dedicated to rendering help to people arriving in Nara with the aim of discovering what treasures this World Heritage land embraces. Nara Walk offers daily walking tours in Nara Park with no pre-booking. Tours to Naramachi, Horyu-ji Temple and Nishinokyo areas are also available with reservations. Upon request, private plans in Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe can be flexibly arranged according to your interests.
<Recommended Menu:>
Daily Standard Tour: Daily Mar. 1-Dec. 20; a tour lasts approximately 3.5 hours; 2,000 yen/person (free for children under 12 with parents); admission fee to Todai-ji Temple (500 yen) is not included; Meeting Point: JR Nara Sta.; no reservations needed; for more details, visit
<Shop Data>
1)Daily Nara Park Standard Tour: 10:15 from JR Nara Sta., reservation not required.
2)Daily Morning Todaiji: 10:15 from JR Nara Sta.; reservation not required.
3)Half-day Nishinokyo: 10:15 or 13:30 from Kintetsu Nishinokyo Sta.; reservation required.
4)Horyuji-Todaiji One-day Tour: 10:00 from the TIC at JR Horyuji Sta.; reservation required.
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Kimono Asobi Nikkori 
(Central Nara/Kimono rental service)
Enjoy strolling around historical Nara in a colorful kimono
The name of the shop, ‘Kimono Asobi Nikkori’ represents the owner Ms. Nishiyama’s wish: to offer more people the opportunity to enjoy wearing kimono with a smile. And it is true that everyone who visits is overjoyed by the experience of wearing kimono, smile with delight from the effect of cheerful Ms. Nishiyama’s character and go on to have an unforgettable day in Nara. Choose your favorite kimono from amongst a wide variety of options, have Ms. Nishiyama tie the obi sash on the back in a cute shape and set your hair. You will look perfect!
<Recommended Items:>
Kimono rental: 3,800 yen/day (kimono dress-up, accessories, hair set included)
Reservation not necessary, allow about 30 min. to complete dressing up
<Shop Data>
Tel: 0742-25-0029
Open: 10:00-sunset
Closed: Wed.
kinki001 kinki001
Hotel and Ryokan reservations all confirmed online!
<Relaxing Kinki:>
Japan Hostels Online is any travelers solution for hotel and ryokan reservations across Japan. Feel free to select from our wide variety of over 1,500 facilities including hotels and ryokan, exclusively selected for international travelers.

All rooms and rates are guaranteed online with availability of up to ten months in advances, and reservation confirmation numbers are issued online without waiting. Confirmation e-mails with the reservation number and details are sent instantly. Users of the site do not have to wait for somebody to “Get back to them”. Reserve online and pay when you get there!!
<Recommended courses and prices:>
Exclusive online discount rates!
English description of facilities!
English maps for directions!
All online!!
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Naramachi Joho-kan Information Center 
(Central Nara/Nara’s goods & food, rental bike, tourist information)
Everything about Naramachi area is gathered here!
Naramachi Joho-kan is an information center for everyone. Along with providing up-to-date information about the area, they also offer souvenirs and goods from the Yoshino area (middle and southern part of Nara prefecture). Bamboo crafts and packs of tea are popular tourist choices. There is also a rental bike service which is convenient to enjoy getting around Naramachi and further afield. Unfortunately, little English information is provided right now but it is still a good place to stop by to see Nara’s goods and souvenirs.
<Recommended courses and prices>
Rental bike: 200 yen/hour, 800 yen/day
Nara’s bamboo crafts: 300 yen
Yoshino’s Hoji-cha brown tea: 500 yen/200 g, 1,050 yen/500g
<Tour Information>
Tel: 0742-26-8610
A 3-min. walk to the south from Sarusawa Pond (take the west side street)
Open everyday: 10:00-18:00
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Jinrikisha produced by Ebisuya 
(Central Nara/rickshaw tour)
Take on a Jinrikisha and feel invigorating ride and summer breeze!
Why not try to ride on a nostalgic rickshaw for your Nara strolling? Our friendly and vigorous drivers will show you around Nara’s attractions with interesting stories and history background. The minimum ride is 10 minutes and other extensive courses (over 1 hour) are available as you wish. Feel free to talk to one of our drivers or contact below.
<Recommended courses and prices>
Basic zone (about 1 km): 2,000 yen for 1 person; 3,000 yen for 2 people
To Kasuga Grand Shrine
To Daibutsu-den Hall
To Kofuku-ji Temple
Basic zone (about 1 km): 2,000 yen for 1 person; 3,000 yen for 2 people
30-min. course: 5,000 yen for 1 person; 8,000 yen for 2 people
Going around Nara Park and get to Daibutsuden-Hall
Going around Nara Park and part of Naramachi, and get to Kofuku-ji Temple
<Tour Information>
Tel: 0742-22-9123
Main riding spot: intersection near Todai-ji Temple
Open everyday: 10:00-17:00
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JTB Sunrise Tours 
(Nara & Kyoto/ bus tour)
Enjoy learning about historic Naramachi on a walk with a professional English-speaking guide
<Enjoy relaxing and fun tour in Nara & Kyoto / Daily: Jan. 5-Dec. 29>
The JTB Sunrise tours is one of the best English-speaking guide service in Japan and has served more than 6 million visitors from abroad since 1964.
<Kyoto & Nara 1-day Tour>
From Kyoto (check-in: 8:00-8:45): 12,600yen
From Osaka (check-in: 7:10-7:40): 15,400yen
Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Buffet lunch at Kyoto Handicraft Center, Todai-ji Temple, Nara Park, Kasuga Shrine
*pick-up/drop-off service at your hotel in Kyoto is available; when Nijo Castle is closed, the tour will visit Ryoan-ji Temple; when Kyoto Imperial Park is closed, the tour will visit Nishi Hongan-ji Temple;
<Nara Afternoon Tour>
From Kyoto (check-in: 13:10-13:40): 6,600yen
From Osaka (check-in: 12:10-12:40): 9,300yen
Todai-ji Temple, Nara Park, Kasuga Shrine
*drop-off service at your hotel in Kyoto is available;
<Tour Information>
Tel: 075-341-1413
Open: 10:00-18:00
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New Kainara 
(Central Nara/ Pachinko)
Enjoy Trying Japanese Pachinko Entertainment
<How to play pachinko>
1. Choose your favorite machine
2. Buy a set of pachinko balls at the machine
3. Grip the handle and let the balls filter through
4. Try to let as many balls as possible go into the pockets for the jackpot
5. At the end, bring the balls you have won to the exchange counter and choose a prize
*detailed instruction on how to play the pachinko will be provided in the shop./*Balls can be bought from 1,000 yen minimum./*Ball winnings can also be exchanged for cash./*Photography in the shop is permitted but no flash or movie recording is allowed.
<Shop Data>
Tel: 0742-22-7638
On the south side of Sanjo St., a 10-min. walk from JR Nara Sta.
Open everyday: 10:00-22:45
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TOYOTA Rent a Car Nara Shop 
(Central Nara/ Rent a Car)
Rent a car and enjoy exploring Nara in comfort
<What is special about TOYOTA Rent a Car?>
1. No. 1 in Japan for the variety of cars available to customers. You will be able to find just the right car for you.
2. Car navigation that will guide you everywhere. Don’t worry if you don’t know Japanese! Just type in the telephone number of your destination.
3. Return the car to any TOYOTA Rent a Car shop. For example, it is possible to get a car in central Nara and leave it in the Asuka area.
4. Special optional insurance services are available for your safe and enjoyable driving in Nara!
More information will be provided at the shop.
6 hours: from 6,300 yen
24 hours: from 7,875 yen
<Shop Data>
Tel: 0742-22-1011
A 5-min. walk to the south from JR Nara Sta., on the left side
Open everyday: 8:00-20:00
toyota001 toyota002 new shop
(Central Nara/ Event planning, management, facility rental)
Full support for event planning, management and facilities
<Over View>
IMPACT supports over 1,000 events a year. From facility rental to even planning and management, they offer satisfying full support for you. They manage Nara Centennial Hall and Nara Prefectural New Public Hall. If you have a plan to organize an event in Nara, contact IMPACT!
Audio and visual products, management of stage performances, event management, etc.
<Shop Data>
Tel: 0742-33-6211
1-3-45 Shijo Oji, Nara
impact001 new shop
Experience real Japanese calligraphy
(Central Nara/Japanese calligraphy experience)
Learn how to write with the traditional Japanese brush and ink and make your original calligraphy work on special paper with instruction in English by a professional Japanese calligrapher. Enjoy Japanese tea and sweets with conversation after the lesson.
<Shop Data>
3,000 yen/person (all inclusive; all tools provided)
The lesson will last at least 2 hours.
Reservations required:
Note: cancelation fee may occur in case of the cancelation on the day of the reservation.
Naramachi Walker 
(Central Nara/Walking Tour)
Enjoy learning about historic Naramachi on a walk with a professional English-speaking guide
A professional and experienced English-speaking guide will show you around Naramachi, and help you to learn about, as well as enjoy, this special old town district.
<Tour Information>
Tel: 0743-55-6609 or 090-9885-8777
Fee: adults: 2,000 yen, students: 1,500 yen, children under 15: free (including all entry fees)
Tour available: every Sat. between April and July, Sep. and Nov.
Meeting point: in front of Tourist Information Center in Kintetsu Nara Sta.
Meeting time: 9:55 (tour ends at 13:00)
No reservation necessary
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