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Nara Explorer” – Nara's first and only English tourist magazine –


Nara Explorer is Nara's first and only English tourist magazine.

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Nara Explorer – Nara's first & informative English tourist magazine –

Nara Explorer Autumn 2013
First published
June 2008
A4 size, all color, 16 pages
Special features, shop & service recommendations, maps, event information, etc.
Publishing schedule
On the 1st day of March, June, September, December
Distribution locations
Kansai International Airport, Nara Prefectural Tourist Information Centers, Tourist Information Corner (in the Nara Prefectural Hall), Tourist information centers in JR Nara Station, Kintetsu Nara Station, Nara City Tourist Information Center, Sarusawa Pond Tourist Information Center, Kyoto City Tourist Information Center (2F of Kyoto Station Bldg.), Kyoto Handicraft Center, Namba Information Center, and many other places including hotels, ryokan inns and shops.
How to get a copy
Distributed free of charge at the places listed above.
Support & Cooperation
Nara City Tourist Association
Information Provision & Distribution Cooperation
Nara Visitor’s Bureau
Nara Prefecture
Nara Heijyo-kyo Capital 1300th Anniversary Association

“Nara Explorer” is published by a group of volunteers who feel strongly about ‘telling the world about the beauty of Nara’, ‘letting foreign tourists enjoy Nara with more convenience’. “Nara Explorer” is also supported by several public organizations mentioned above. Please contact us by using the form on the top page for further information (advertisement, translation, printing and web material production, etc.).