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Deer Diary

Dear Deer Diary Vol.5

September 26, 2009

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Hello, everyone.

Have you seen us, little fawns in the Nara Park recently?

Maybe it is difficult to meet us because there are only about 150 fawns our of all 1000 deer in Nara.

We grow up only with our mother's milk for about three months since we were born. After that, we start to eat grass and other food. I can't wait to be old enough to eat whatever I want!!

What? Oh, you say I can drink even SAKE when grow up!?

Sounds nice!!

If that's the case, I should learn about SAKE to fully enjoy it, shouldn't I? I learned that Nara is the birthplace of SAKE. Did you know that? Isn't it interesting?

I just heard that there will be an interesting event about SAKE in Tokyo this and next weekend. I should go and learn about SAKE and also I want to tell people in Tokyo about my home, Nara! If you happen to be in Tokyo and feel like joining the event, why not joining us!

NARA SAKE & SPECIALTY FAIR in TOKYO The World of Japanese Sake Lecture by Nara's Local Sake Brewery

September 27 (Sat.), 28 (Sun.), October 3 (Sat.), 4 (Sun.)
13:00-14:30 & 16:00-17:30

At National Azabu Supermarket

*reservation required
Please include your name, telephone number, address, the day you wish to attend the lecture.

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